Learn This Proven System for Easily Controlling,
Sweeping, Submitting & Taking the Back
of Your Rivals on the Mat.

The Lapel Encyclopedia changed the game. How?

Since it was launched in February, hundreds of jiu jitsu athletes got a look into Keenan’s entire lapel system. Keenan purposefully kept the most important parts of the system secret, for years.
The recent Worlds were a clear example of how the game has changed since people learned the true concepts behind lapel guards. Now however, we have updated the Encyclopedia with 4 full new chapters of techniques Keenan discovered and perfected since the original release.

Lapel lassoBelt guardSingle leg x WormPlatinum Worm Lapel Passing chapters  were all added recently.

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It’s the same old story…

You’ve listened to your instructor, you’ve paid for private lessons and devoured all the videos on Youtube, but you can’t help but feel like a fish out of water when you’re on your back.
You train so hard in class and you try to use what you’ve learned, but it still feels like you’re never in control.

And you know what, It’s not your fault… The truth is, not all guards will work for you. Many rely on things like body type, flexibility, and strength. And forget trying to play any of them effectively when you’re tired.

If this sounds like a problem you’re currently struggling with, then this is the solution.


This is the same system world-class black belt Keenan Cornelius has used to frustrate, sweep, submit and take the back of some of the worlds greatest guard passers in elite competition.

The Lapel Encyclopedia contains over 10 hours of content spanning across 10 chapters in which Keenan walks you through his proven system, step-by-step.

And it won’t take long to get those first few mini victories you’ve been looking for on the mat…

In fact, the knowledge held within the first three chapters alone has the power to improve your guard game beyond what any private class, Youtube binge or trying to figure it out on your own could ever do.

“This system is unreal. I’ve implemented a lot of the Lasso and worm guard techniques into my game and it’s helping me tremendously. I’m a purple belt and I’ve started taking the backs of some solid black belts at our academy who’ve never seen some of the techniques shown in this system. What’s even better is my guard feels like it can’t be passed…It’s unreal! Thank you so much for putting this series together. The best bjj investment I’ve made. I can’t wait to actually start mastering these techniques. Thanks!”
Brad Johns

Imagine the look on your rivals face when you turn the tables on them. Seeing them frantically move out of frustration and lack of knowing what to do.

That look of sweet, sweet fear in their eyes that only comes from the fact they know the end is inevitable and they’re out of options.

“I believe Mr Cornelius is one of the most innovative and forward thinking athletes in Gi BJJ today. His innovative lapel guard has been tying up and controlling the toughest opponents at the highest levels in a way that is extraordinarily impressive.”

John Danaher

With The Lapel Encyclopedia You’ll…

Control and slow down much stronger more athletic guard passers

Which means you’ll be in control of the situation at all times, reducing the risk of injury caused by erratic movements and overexertion.

Spend more time doing Jiu Jitsu; not defending it

You didn’t start training to be someone else’s grappling dummy. Developing an elite guard game means you can start getting good at Jiu Jitsu and actually enjoy your time on the mats.

Get victories under your belt and build confidence

Getting more sweeps, more back takes and more submissions will help fill your mental cookie jar with positive experiences that fuel your confidence when you need it the most.

Turn the tables on
your rivals

Frustrate your opponents and be the one others call “the one to watch”

Win more medals competition

Even though lapel guards are getting more and more popular, there are still so many people who don’t yet understand them or, out of stubbornness, never want to understand them – this is your opportunity to capitalize.

You’ll always have
an A-game

Which means you’ll not only have somewhere to go when the sh*t hits the fan, you’ll also have the confidence to branch out, explore new areas of your game and become a truly well-rounded grappler.

Don’t just hope
for the best, actually understand the guard game

This is more than a collection of techniques, this is a roadmap for understanding how to play guard in the gi from beginner to an elite level.

What’s Inside?

On demand & ever evolving

Download the App to create playlists and save videos to your mobile or tablet for convenient on-the-go learning. And the best part is, the Lapel Encyclopedia is continually updated, meaning you’ll never be left behind because as the system evolves, so can you.

13 chapters, 10+ hours of footage

Each segment of Keenan’s system has been broken down into easy to understand and easy to consume sequential chapters: beginning at the essential fundamentals of what to do before playing guard all the way to the advanced levels of the lapel guard system.

Access to all of Keenan’s highly effective guards

Learn WORM, RINGWORM, SQUID, REVERSE DE LA WORM, GUBBER GUARD and LAPEL LASSO guards.  The Lapel Lasso chapter has be re-shot, we also added BELT GUARD, SINGLE LEG X WORM & BELT PASSING.

How It Works

After buying your copy, you can enjoy the Encyclopedia in 2 different ways.

Learn from the source, right here on

Simply go to the “Table of Contents”, click on the chapter you wish to watch and enjoy the knowledge on demand. We’ve also marked important points within each chapter with easily navigatable timestamps so you can find the nugget of gold you’re looking for when need to review. 

Enjoy the Lapel
Encyclopedia APP!

Download & enjoy videos for easy on-the-go offline learning, cast them to your TV, create your own personalized playlists and more.


“I’m still working on the intermediary positions and trying to off balance guys to setup other guards or sweeps I already know, but I love the system and I almost never let go of the lapel. As one guy was being swept he said “what is this black magic?”

I am really enjoying it. Gordon’s passing dvd can suck it! I am using my traditional collar and sleeve grips to get to worm and really shutting down my training partners passing.

Looking forward to finishing the content and watching most of it again. I would love to be proficient with these lapel based guards in the next 10-12 months. (Hopefully around the time I get my black belt). I’m gonna try to trick some old dogs at Masters Worlds with it this year, I will tag you in the clips”

Jarod Bauman
“I have reached chapter 5 and so far only have just started understanding chapter 1. I have learned so much just from grip breaking and mentality of guard. The information is definitely worth the money. I prevented two guard passes from the basic mission control position of lapel and feet on shoulders. Let the drills begin!”
Joe Dirt

“Hi Keenan, The lapel encyclopedia is nothing short of phenomenal. I’m naturally a guard player, so combining that with your excellent teaching methodology has allowed for me to retain the material quite well.
So far I have been drilling it relentlessly, and taking it step by step. After a couple months with it I hope to put it to the test in competition.”

Dillon S.

“Hi, I had bought this for my boyfriend for a birthday present since he is getting ready to compete. Well, he is in love with it, he has almost completely ignored me this past week!
He keeps telling me how awesome the app is and how much he is learning, so overall I would say it is a legit program that is helping him learn and grow so much! Thank you and I am patiently waiting for the hard copy DVD!”

Carrie W.
“This system is unreal. I’ve implemented a lot of the Lasso and worm guard techniques into my game and it’s helping me tremendously. I’m a purple belt and I’ve started taking the backs of some solid black belts at our academy who’ve never seen some of the techniques shown in this system. What’s even better is my guard feels like it can’t be passed…It’s unreal! Thank you so much for putting this series together. The best bjj investment I’ve made. I can’t wait to actually start mastering these techniques. Thanks!”
Brad Johns


Full Access: Digital(Website + App)

$24999Lifetime Access
  • All 13 Chapters and bonus content included.
  • APP: Download videos, create your own playlists and cast onto TV.
  • We’re NEVER going to run out of digital copies.
  • Keenan’s lifetime masterpiece, systematised & recorded for you.


If you’re unsatisfied with the Lapel Encyclopedia for any reason, contact us within 30 days after your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund on your investment.
We have had to issue a refund precisely 0 times so far.


Yes and no. The best way to learn more about it is to listen to Keenan break it down. Will there be a discount for Keenan Online members? Yes, members will be given an exclusive free chapter and a discount. We take care of our own.
For many reasons. The first one is that this is Keenan’s unique system. A system for which he went through great lengths and he tested it against the most skilled competitors in the world. Any man who would give away his masterwork under-priced would be a fool. The Encyclopedia also comes as a system with over 7hours of content, arranged in a way that facilitates learning. Keenan, due to his busy training schedule normally charges $500 for a hour-long private lesson. With this, you don’t get the personal experience, but you get efficiently packed knowledge for $3250 less than learning it directly from Keenan would cost. Lastly, we spared no expense in the production of this instructional, in the aim of making it the best ever. We developed an app, specifically to be able to offer unprecedented convenience. That’s why this is an “expensive” investment.
This website may look similar to, but it is NOT a subscription. It is a one-time payment.

Yes, the Encyclopedia launched with 9 chapters, now it has 13, with some existing ones being updated as well. The Lapel Encyclopedia will be updated and will only grow in value.

Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is come to San Diego and visit Keenan’s Legion American Jiu Jitsu academy.


Right now you can get…

  • 10 Chapters with over 8 hours of content of proven methods and techniques.
  • Expert easy-to-follow instruction from one of the world’s best.
  • Knowledge to improve not just your lapel game, but your guard game as a whole.
  • On-demand 24/7 access.
  • Our downloadable app for convenient on-the-go-learning.
  • Updated content as the game evolves.