Jiu Jitsu is forever evolving and will continue to evolve. The only way you can stay ahead of your opponents is by sharpening your current skills/knowledge AND learning new techniques. 

This is why Keenan created The Lapel Encyclopedia. To help sharpen your current skills while also providing you with new techniques that will allow you to sweep or submit anyone.



No matter if you’re new to Jiu Jitsu, or you’re an old salty veteran, there’s nothing worse than having your guard passed and your soul smashed on the mats.

Everybody has that one person who is straight up kryptonite for their guard.

Whether it’s in the gym or in competition, there’s someone out there wielding some serious black magic that makes it feel like all the time you’ve put in on the mats has gone to waste.

It’s like no matter what guard you try, they’re just too strong and too fast for you.

They make your guard feel as strong as mashed potato…

And they smash you, bad…

Seeing them makes you anxious, and the more you think about them the more your performance suffers.

You may have thought to yourself…

“If only I was stronger…”

“If only I was more flexible…”

The truth is, developing a good guard game and learning all the techniques out there takes a LOT of time and a LOT of effort…

Becoming a master at them all is downright impossible.

…especially when the techniques you learn are completely random and don’t connect together.

But, what if that wasn’t the case?

Imagine how you would feel if you had in your power a guard system that has been proven to defeat the world’s best guard passers at the highest level of competition?

How good would it feel to consistently defeat and frustrate your greatest nemesis on the mats, without wasting your time trying to get jacked or destroying your groin to improve your flexibility?


The ultimate lapel guard instructional that is helping people who struggle with conventional guards get more sweeps, more submission and ultimately GET GOOD AT JIU JITSU! Regardless of age, flexibility or body type.

Until now, Keenan Cornelius has held the most effective and important invisible details of his notorious lapel guard system a closely guarded secret…

Previously, he would only teach the basic ideas at surrounding his techniques, at seminars and online, to maintain a competitive edge over his rivals…

But now, for the first time ever, Keenan has decided to open the vaults of his mind and his system to the world.

With over 9 highly-detailed, yet easy to consume chapters, spanning over 7 hours, The Lapel Encyclopedia is the definitive resource for all things lapel that HAS EVER and WILL EVER be produced!


Of course, Keenan explains every important detail you’ll ever need to know to effectively execute attacks from all version of the lapel guard. However, for the first time ever, Keenan now reveals the crucial concepts behind what he calls the ‘intermediary positions’. 

Many instructional products you’ve purchased in the past spend way too much time focusing on what to do from a specific position only to gloss over the vitally important intermediate positions.

For example, they’ll show you how to sweep or how to submit from the position, but fail to teach you how to get to that position, how to negate your opponent’s defenses to your entry or what to do when things go wrong…

And the truth is, that’s 90% of where the action in Jiu Jitsu takes place!

In the positions before the positions.

You may have learned how to set up a berimbolo from the De La Riva Guard, but if your opponent never lets you initiate the De La Riva, everything you’ve learned has gone to waste…

In the Lapel Encyclopedia, Keenan not only shows you what to do from the Lapel Guard, he walks you through, step-by-step, his personal strategy and sequences for setting up the lapel guard against anyone, at any level, safely and effectively.

Think This Is The Same As The Worm Guard DVD? Think Again…

In 2015, Keenan released his original Worm guard DVD, showcasing 2-hours of techniques from his signature position…

A position that still bends the minds of even the most experienced high-level grapplers today…

…and yet, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’ve ever seen him compete, you know that Keenan’s Lapel Guard is more than a collection of tricks.

It is an intricate funnel that once initiated, your opponent cannot help but get sucked in.

It doesn’t matter your path: if you’re a serious competitor or you simply train to have fun and get fit…

…this system will improve your Jiu-Jitsu: you will get more sweeps, you will get more taps, AND you will unlock a secret level in your game.


Hi, I’m Keenan Cornelius.

When I started Jiu Jitsu in 2006, I was obsessed with the competitive side of it and I spent a lot of time studying as many of the positions and techniques that I could.

Like a lot of people, I gravitated towards Sensei YouTube when I needed to supplement what I didn’t learn in class.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot from drilling and rolling in class. But, I could only get so much out of it each day. I was training with a ton of other people, and it’s difficult for instructors to accommodate everyone.

You know how it goes…

You’re just kind of given what you’re given: and what you’re given usually isn’t specific to your game or your goals.

When it came to competing at the lower belt levels, I did really well. But, when I got the black belt level, obviously things became a lot harder.

I was still doing well, however, I decided to switch my focus from training simply to win to focusing more on figuring out new positions that no one else was doing.

And a weird thing happened…

The more time I spent working on developing my own specific techniques and my own specific style, the better I started doing in competition.

And I quickly became known as the guy who developed positions such as the Worm Guard, Squid Guard, Gubber Guard and more…

Now, with the advent of social media, I’m getting tagged in more and more posts and videos of people using my moves to win in competition.

And honestly, that feels better than winning, myself.

Now, helping others improve their Jiu Jitsu with my online resources, such as Keenan Online and the Lapel Encyclopedia, has become a major part of my life.

Knowing I’m helping others, no matter their age, body type or level, get better at Jiu Jitsu motivates me every day to keep doing what I’m doing – more than competing ever did.


The Lapel Encyclopedia will be released in a very limited run of DVDs available for those who like to have a product they can hold in their hand; however, for your convenience you’ll be able to enjoy the Lapel Encyclopedia on demand via the website (similar to Keenan Online) or via the app.

Oh yes, you read that right!

We have created an app, specifically for the Lapel Encyclopedia so you can take Keenan with you for easy on-the-go learning.

You can also watch offline by downloading the videos, stream the videos to your TV or create your own personalized playlists.

It’s safe to say no other instructional have gone above and beyond for you like the Lapel Encyclopedia has.

You’re now at an important crossroads in your Jiu Jitsu journey…

The choice is up to you…

You can choose to do what you’ve always done and hope that somehow the answers to getting good at Jiu Jitsu will magically fall into your lap…


You can make the decision to do something about it yourself. You can learn world beating techniques, along high level easy to adopt concepts and strategies in a system that’ll turn your guard from mash potato into something you can truly rely on at both in class and at all levels of competition.