Below, you can find a detailed breakdown of the Chapters and Subchapters that are a part of the Lapel Encylopedia. Here on the website, the chapters are one video, but in the app you will be able to watch and save these videos individually. For detailed chapter descriptions, click here. Enjoy your scroll.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Concepts

1-1 Introduction 

1-2 Course Structure 

1-3 Gripping Concepts 

1-4 Intermediary Lapel Control

1-5 Avoiding Weak Foot Positioning and Using Lapel Lasso for Control 

1-6 Finding Lapel Grips Everywhere 

1-7 Finding Lapel Grips from More of Everywhere 

Chapter 2: Playing guard, off-balances, entries

2-1 Spider Hook Off Balance

2-2 Foot Under Off Balance 

2-3 Forward Spider Push to X-Guard – Timestamp: 10:49

2-4 Forward Spider Push to Crab Ride 

2-5 Forward Spider Push to Single Leg X 

2-6 Foot Under Off Balance to X-Guard 

2-7 Foot Under Off Balance to Calf Slice 

2-8 Foot Under Off Balance to 50/50

2-9 Foot Under Off Balance to Squid Guard 

2-10 Belt Guard Control Gripping Belt Knot 

2-11 Belt Guard Control Gripping Belt Length 

Chapter 3: Recovering guard if things go wrong

3-1 Upside Down Spider Kill Technique 

3-2 Overhead Leg Swing Recovery Movement 

3-3 Under Leg Swing Recovery Movement 

3-4 Framing with Lapels 

3-5 Avoid Using Your Foot as a Frame when Already Passed 

3-6 Avoid Using Your Foot as a Frame when Already Passed Except in this Situation

3-7 Dealing with Strong Toreandos and Recovering Lapel Guard 

3-8 Using Baby Hooks and The Pancake Philosophy 

3-9 Using Lapels to Escape from Double Unders with Your Foot in the Collar 

3-10 Overhook Wrench 

3-11 Underhook Wrench 

3-12 How to Escape when You’re Fully Stacked 

Chapter 4: Worm Guard

4-1 Basic Worm Guard Entry 

4-2 Entry from Single Leg X 

4-3 Lapel Lasso Entry 

4-4 Control Points, Balance, and Weaknesses

4-5 The Very First Worm Guard Sweep Ever 

4-6 Worm Guard Scissor Sweep

4-7 Emergency Exiting the Worm Guard and Becoming a Wrestler 

4-8 Deep De La Worm Back Take

4-9 Fancy Spinning Shit 

4-10 Using Shin to Shin to Secure Knee Over Knee 

4-11 Dealing with Spazzy Guys Who Do Ninja Rolls and Cartwheels

Chapter 5: Ringworm Guard

5-1 Ringworm Guard Introduction 

5-2 Knee Step Sweep 

5-3 Deep De La X Sweep 

5-4 Stand Up to Single Leg

5-5 Elevation Sweep

5-6 Double Under Lapel Wrench

5-7 Double Under Judo Choke 

5-8 How to Worm Guard when Opponent Passes on Both Knees 

5-9 Lapel 2-on-1 Triangle

5-10 Using Lapel Lasso to Deal with Opponent on Both Knees 

5-11 The Polish Worm Rider

5-12 Just Another Polish Worm Rider Sweep

Chapter 6: Reverse De La Worm Guard

6-1 Setting Up Reverse De La Worm 

6-2 Reverse De La Worm Back Take 

6-3 Reverse De La Worm Arm-bar 

6-4 Shin to Shin to Force the Knees to the Mat 

6-5 Reverse De La Worm with Same Side Lapel 

6-6 Wormnado Sweep

Chapter 7: Squid Guard

7-1 Squid Guard Introduction 

7-2 Squid Guard Double Ankle Pick 

7-3 Squid Guard Double Leg 

7-4 Squid Guard Inversion Sweep 

7-5 Kind of the Same Inversion Sweep from a Different Angle

7-6 Squid Guard Omoplata 

7-7 Squid Guard Reverse Lasso Sweep 

Chapter 8: Gubber Guard

8-1 Gubber Guard Introduction 

8-2 More Gubber Guard 

8-3 Gubber Guard Wormoplata 

8-4 Gubber Guard Triangle 

8-5 Gubber Guard Monoplata 

8-6 Gubber Guard Flavio Canto Choke 

8-7 Gubber Guard Cross Choke 

8-8 Gubber Guard Flower Sweep 

Chapter 9: Submissions (Bonus)

9-1 Wormhat Choke

9-2 Lapel Lasso Overhook Omoplata 

9-3 Lapel Lasso Overhook Triangle: 

9-4 Lapel Lasso Overhook Baratoplata 

9-5 Lapel Lasso Overhook Armbar 

Deleted Scenes