First, listen to Keenan tell you the cool story behind the worm guard! How it all started and why it was a necessity for Keenan to come up with a form of lapel control. This will be followed by a breakdown of the whole Lapel Encyclopedia, to give you an idea of where this journey will take you in the following hours.

In this introductory chapter, you can expect a deeper look at what the lapel guards bring to the table. The unique rotational control that the lapel offers.

Keenan will take you through the raw basics of how to grip the lapel and how to control your opponent using just the lapel. You will learn where to place your feet depending on how your opponent approaches you and how to then gain control by using the lasso on the lapel.

Last but not least you will discover how to find the lapel grip from EVERYWHERE! and then, more of everywhere.

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