Keenan says that worm wrestling or lapel wrestling if you want to call it that is the missing link in the lapel game. The reason for that is that it plays right into your opponent’s natural reaction to the previous chapters. They can feel your knowledge and they can fear it. So they back away, they think they’re safe… but what’s that oh you’re already on your knees? Lifting them up while also breaking their posture down at the same time. WHAT. THE. (insert your 4 letter word of choice). Now you’re over them, they’re on the ground and you’ve used the lapel grips to smash them into a compromised position, you’re ready to pass.

How did that happen? It happened, because (after watching this chapter) you will understand the power, timing, and execution of worm wrestling maneuvers.

This will make you feel smug as hell for being smart and picking up a copy of the Lapel Encyclopedia. Enjoy your missing link.