You’ve made it to the gubber guard! Remember that thing Keenan did with the lapel at the 2018 IBJJF Europeans? Yes, this is it!

Listen to Keenan first tell you about the roots of the gubber guard and then we get right into it starting with the control. This a very important puzzle to the lapel guard system. People often like to go on both knees in order to defend other lapel guards such as squid guard.

You’ve seen the polish worm rider which is a great option for when your opponent is on both knees. The gubber guard also has massive posture-breaking potential and lots of closed-chain submissions to apply.

If you’re a big fan of closed guard and moderately flexible* in general then you will for sure love this chapter of the Lapel Encyclopedia!

On your feet or on your knees, ain’t nobody safe!

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