Keenan’s FULL lapel guard system. Not a book.

This is the first time Keenan shares everything about his famous lapel guards. He does so in 9 chapters, providing more than 9 hours of content. 

This is not just a bunch of techniques. Of course, Keenan teaches you every important detail on how to execute attacks from any lapel guard. More importantly, he shares his concepts and strategy for safely getting TO the lapel guard of your choice.

More than just the worm guard.

The Wormguard made its debut in 2013. In 2015 Keenan recorded his original Worm guard DVD, showing 2 hours of moves. Now it’s time to give that legendary DVD a successor.

The promise of this new product is attention to detail. In instruction, structure, production and the platforms of release.

You will be able to enjoy this course on demand via the website (similar to Keenan Online), the app and a very limited run of DVDs.

Learn more about the release & get the first videos.

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“One thing is for sure. When the Encyclopedia sees the light of day… It will trigger an arms race. Make sure you learn the system before everyone else does!”