Tired of getting your guard smashed by the higher belts no matter what you throw at them? You just cannot avoid them passing your legs, with the lapel or without it. Once they’re passed you feel like you might as well let them submit you because you feel like you will never get out. Unless they feel bad for you and let you escape?

When you begin to implement the knowledge you’ve secured for yourself with this encyclopedia, you will run into difficulties. You will face that person that’s better than you and they will still smash you. But Keenan knows this, that’s why this chapter focuses on getting you back into your game from the brink of disaster. This is what will make those “better” people gasp and realize your guard is just THAT good.

You will learn the Upside Down Spider Kill Technique, kind of. You will learn how to use frames when things get squirrely. You will learn the Baby Hooks and The Pancake Philosophy, as well as all the Wrenches.

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