This chapter is dedicated to the guard that started it all – the famous Worm Guard. It has evolved quite a bit in the last few years and the classic attacks still work just fine, when executed well. Keenan prepared 11 techniques for this chapter, where you will learn what to do after successfully entering the Wormhole.

After learning some entries and control positions, you will learn the first worm sweep ever that got him the 2014 Pan-Ams gold medal, the original worm guard that is now highly effective in the lower belts and beginner worm guard players. To the ultimate crowd pleaser move that will make you an overnight sensation if you hit it at Worlds and post it on Instagram.

Keenan explains in detail how to destroy your opponents with every angle, every grip switch, every possibility from the worm guard there is! You’ve earned your way into this chapter, now enjoy!

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